Mulli vaikkal – many never know this place. Even me. I never been to that place, even now.

But every tamil speaking person knows where “mullivaikkal” now. All that happened on a summer in 2009.

It was May – when sun never hides even into the clouds. Sun knows everything , sun seen everything happened there, only thing it can’t speak, can’t write.

Tamils , Tamils armed struggle , Tamils ambition , Tamils freedom fighters , Tamils those who were with LTTE are all trapped in strip between Indian ocean and Nandikadal.

That land is called mulli vaikkal. In tamil “vaikkal” is a water management arrangement to make the path of water. But that Mullivaikkal become the vaikkal ( kind of a river ) of Blood, Tamil bloods,

Many killed , many buried alive , many wounded , many lost hands , legs , eyes in that last battle on mullivaikkal.

Nobody knows how many thousand people killed in that war. They / the monsters / the sinhalas / the war thirsty morons never given any mercy even to childs…..! Even to people those can’t walk….!

They killed everyone , every person in mullivaikkal , tamils freedom struggle ended in mulli vaikkal.

But . Mullivaikkal planted a strong will into every tamils heart that there is no bad thing than mullivaikkal. There is no worst than ‘mullivaikkal’ .

So, its a new beginning. Its a new start , its a fresh day , week , year. Earlier we had one way . Only one way. Now sky is the limit.

As each individual we are tryinf to free our land.

We will free our land from sinhala rulers and will show to the mercyless world that how good tamil eelam is. How good tamil’s will is.

My dear Tamils –

Mulli vaikkal is the starting point , not the end!!!!!!

See you in Tamil Eelam in Next May – 18 !!!!!!!!!